I knew you all my life
Though only through my dreams
Look inside your mind and see what's on mine
Calling out my name I see you there

This frozen cold
It's isn't fair
How much pride will I spare
We both are seething

All I know is to act now and hold on
This one's the real one
Just calm down
Don't look back
This is what we never had
I never felt so alive 'til I saw blue eyes
Until now it wasn't hard to leave
I'm wanting more
[end chorus]

Everyone around but still alone
Try to grasp
Losing the flow

Use a single emotion
You left me totally motionless
So quick, so soft
Like a theif in the night
Came here and changed my life

Everyday the same
Just sit and stare
Will I see you in the air
These sperate lives
We don't share
Again I'm leaving


I thought all this time
I would end up alone
Beside you I lay and
Watch you breathing

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Solitaire Lyrics

Tony Christie – Solitaire Lyrics

Songwriters: Neil Sedaka, Phil Cody
Solitaire lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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