Verse 1
So you talkin bout your hopes and dreams
Well sweet dreams are made of these
Opposition negativity are an unfortunate reality, check me (2x)
But you gotta know your purpose
And you gotta know your destiny
Faith is never tangibility don't ever trust your visibility
Are you feeling me?

You gotta believe provisions have already been made
So chill and have a glass of lemonade
His thoughts of you are not evil He has a plan for you
Yo, the devil is a liar; Gods Word is true
Name it claim it; it's long overdue

Every mountain in my way
Its gonna come tumblin down
Negative things that people say
Its gonna come tumblin down
Every mountain, every hill it's gonna come
(oooh-oooh) it's gonna come tumblin down
You can't always go by how you feel
(oooh-oooh) just know it's gonna all come
Tumblin down, down

Verse 2
If they aint sayin nothin
That most likely means you aint doin nothin
Want the anointing gotta go through somethin
Like people smiling but you know they frontin, frontin feel me?
But the harder you work the further away it seems
But if God gave you a ministry a gift or a calling
Don't give up on your dreams

Lean To Chorus
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Tumblin' Lyrics

Tonex – Tumblin' Lyrics