She’s cool
Oh I love you so
I can’t let you go
If I made you cry, sorry I darkened your blue skies
I still stand beside you through thick and through thin
I know why yes I do
Its love for you that I have

You’re a sweet love
We don’t need a crowd come up to my cloud
Its cumulous messy my space
Where you can be with me go with me
Into the garden of never pain my pet flirt
Where your candy love can grow amongst the pretty things

In my space she’s cool
We share everything
She’s cool do do do do do do
She’s cool she’s cool
I have a love for you cause you’re so cool
I do I do I do I do I do
Oh yeh I do
hey hey hey
She’s cool never in my face
She’s cool
Sweeties twice as nice as a slice of sweet cherry pie
Its you, its you, its you
Swinging with a bird that sings all night
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I Have A Love For You Lyrics

Tonesâ„¢ – I Have A Love For You Lyrics