Would you iron my jumper
Starch my overalls?
I'll find my woman
Said, she's in this world somewhere

I wonder do my
Good girl think of me?
I wonder do my, now
Good girl think of po' me?
And if she did she would
Sho' nuff feel my care

What a-good of you, mama?
Sho' nuff killin' me
What a-good of you mama?
Now, sho' nuff killin' me
Be good a-you mama
But it sho' nuff killin' me

I woke this mo'nin'
Said my mo'nin' prayer
I woke this mo'nin
I said my mo'nin prayer
I ain't got no woman to
Sleep in my po' house

Cry, good are you?
Sho' nuff killin' me
What a-good a-you, mama?
Sho' nuff killin' po' me
The good a-you, mama
Said that, sho' Lord, killin' me

I wash my jumper
Starched my overalls
Won't you, wash my jumper
Well, starch my overalls?
I'll find my woman
Said she's in the world, somewhere.

If you wash my jumper
Starch my overalls.

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Lonesome Blues Lyrics

Tommy Johnson – Lonesome Blues Lyrics

Songwriters: JOSH RITTER
Lonesome Blues lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, DUCHAMP, INC

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