I was lookin' for a lover
I went to one and then another
Like a lightnin' bolt of thunder
You really took me by surprise

You got a hold of my emotion
Yeah, you really got me goin'
You didn't even have to try
I had another reason why
I try to look into your eyes

You're so easy to love
It's so easy to say
You make it hard to say no, babe
When you touch me that way
I can't believe what I'm feelin'
And I can't get enough
It's so hard not to love you, darlin'
You're so easy to love

I never thought I'd be the one who
Who'd ever say that that I would want to
Be the one to say that I want you
But that's what I'm gonna say

Because every time that we're together
We just keep gettin' better
And it keeps getting stronger
The waves comin' longer
You take my breath away

[Repeat chorus]


[Repeat chorus]

[Repeat chorus with backups 2x]
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You're So Easy To Love Lyrics

Tommy James – You're So Easy To Love Lyrics