I saw you coming in the headlights
Rubbing your arms and shaking your head
You say, "Oh, I just don't know, it's not so safe
And it gets so tiresome playing dead."
They've stolen your keys, they lifted your watch
But you know too well, all too well
What it's like to be caught

Fragile - handle with care
I've got to face what's never there

Influences I think I am under
They are so discouraging it seems to me
They've stolen my secret longings for you
Please, can't you tell me
Is that the worst they can do?

She said, "Oh no, I guess it is my fate
To live a life; I can't communicate
How painful, painful, but giving up is okay."
I go for your check; I see your check has been paid
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Fragile Lyrics

Tom Verlaine – Fragile Lyrics

Songwriters: TOM VERLAINE
Fragile lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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