The girl from West Virginia read the same book all the time
At first I thought perhaps she was unsettled in her mind
She'd read it front to back and then she'd read it over again
She knew that I knew she knew what happened in the end
She would go to work each morning that's the book that she would take
She'd read it on her lunch hour and she'd read it on her break
Her calm expression never changed from page to page to page
She knew that story never changed from day to day to day
Some people said it was a book about a love affair
That grew and grew throughout the years and never knew a care
A book wherein the people love and dreams all turned out right
They say she even took the book to bed with her at night
[ ac. Guitar ]
I recall the tattered pagesand the cover faded out
Of a walkin' wind-blown woman by some old majestic house
One day I even asked her why she did that and she said
Mr Hall this is the best book I have ever read
Some people say it was a book about a great romance
She picked it up the night she didn't make the high school dance
Ain't it strange what life can sometimes do to people's mind
Like the girl from West Virginia reads the same book all the time
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Girl Who Read The Same Book All The Time Lyrics