It started way back when when when,
You never talked so much with me,
Ruined a child's life at 8,
Don't ever try to tal k with me,
Were you always egocentric then again,
That never was what your problem has been,
Maybe a story for a sketch, it isn't funny,
In fact it's fucking appaling

My bnp dad says to me man,
When you gonna take responsibility?
Response to me man was pretty bad,
Acted like he never did have any,
Now I'm 18 mad come and see dad,
Why the two of us can not agree,
Why can't you see man, you're not my dad,
You're just a loser in the bnp

I don't wanna be reminded now no no,
The mental strain really isn't just/fair,
Let's compare mine to others and,
Mine's not bad, if the two compare
That's not the point it's about this,
Why why, why were you never there?
Respect is earned not commanded
But with, you, at a push not there

Number one fascist league,
Number one neglecting,
Number one bnp
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My BNP Dad Lyrics

Tom Shaw – My BNP Dad Lyrics