Here I go, back again, sliding off the ceiling
Was I gone for long or did I just flick the switch
Across the street, away from me
A man is singing sympathy for the devil
And he's getting all the words wrong
His newspaper flies desperately
But words aren't wings like gravity
They'll keep you here
It's a theory to subscribe to
But you know you're being lied to
So keep your picture clear

Stay awake, the lines are drawn
You're never right until you're wrong in the eyes of the world
And a picture tells a thousand lies
Little dots in black and white, you've no idea
The strongest will survive
But it's the scum that always rises
So keep your picture clear

You talk just like a diplomat
But hide the gun behind your back
And leaders need a bloody war
Congratulations this is yours
Looking through the history books
Of liars, cheats and pretty crooks
They'll print your picture clear

So close another file
Of revolution turned to style
We're so tired of walking blind
Growing fat in hungry times
Keep your picture clear
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Keep Your Picture Clear Lyrics

Tom Mcrae – Keep Your Picture Clear Lyrics

Songwriters: MCRAE, TOM
Keep Your Picture Clear lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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