I caught a string full of fish
Down at the damn
And I take them to the field
They should be dead by then
And I wipe the sweat from my neck
And tally hoe the plow
Cuz'ima gonna grow a woman from the ground

The night was a cahlk board with a fingetr nali moon
And the fish aint dead yet
They will be pretty sonn
Oh its the same kind of feeling in an old folks home
Even though you love them you can't wait for them to go
And I will take her into town and shoe her off
Threes room on your dress for a corsage
And Ill open every door for you
And then I pulled out an almanak and that's were I read

Cut your wrist on the fisns of the fish and drain all that you can
And I rolled both my sleevess in then began to draw
Lines just as deep as days are long
And I'll name her angelina she was a teacher I once had
And a halo made of honey ran around her head
And she always use to give me some
When I was a kid and then I told her that I loved her and then I went and hid

Now I'll sow up my skin and sow the land with my blood
And I stained up my slothes pretty good
And I turened the dirt to mudd
And I cannot help to close my eeyes and lay my body down
Cuz I heard it takes forever to grwo a woman form the ground

And I bleed for you and now I'm skinny as a rail
And I'll be so obliged to keep you nice and warm and safe
Oh wont you be so fond of me
(magical hum)
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How To Grow A Woman From The Ground Lyrics

Tom Brosseau – How To Grow A Woman From The Ground Lyrics

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