If woman come a dime a dozen,
I ain't get a penny
Some guys are gettin' way too much,
Some guys don't get any

But if I had a nickel for every time
I'd had enough
I'd still be busted and heartbroken still be
Tryin' to fall in love

I fell in love with Linda she didn't love me back
I went crazy over Chrissy, she went crazy over Jack
Maria down in Mexico, my Spanish Mona Lisa
Tried to fly her back to Texas but she did not have a visa


Bought Renee a dozen roses,
All she did was make me beg
Displayed my love for Donna with a tattoo on my leg
There's a tree where me and Carla carved our names
With a pocket knife
But I like our love it burned down with a lighting strike


Why does everybody say there's a lot of fish out in the sea?
When I'm swimming after women they all laid up on the beach


Yeah busted and heartbroken still be tryin' to fall in love
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Tryin' To Fall In Love Lyrics

Toby Keith – Tryin' To Fall In Love Lyrics

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