Oh Paris give yourself to me
Your smell's sweeter than hyacinth
Your sweat is cinnamon, lily is the filth
Don't you stamp on the violet of sins

Birth and Death
Tears and sweat
Your scents are so near- awaken my fear
It fills my soul
I'm drowning in you

Madness fights me as hate adores love
With empty eyes I beg for love
Could you love me? Could you die?
For a word I just thought, for a lie?

For I die, and I burn with a frozen heart
Desperately I've no fear inside...
'Cause the world let me in, and now
Closes me out...

.. As the night falls,
Shadows grow over the mind
The cross in my hand
Strikes down the light

For I die...

The fragrance of beauty lies dead on the ground
... All that I want is a bottle of love

... Eyes in the dark
The illusion of love
The smell of your heart
Emotions driven out
Ripped bones around
As hate adores Love
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Parfum Lyrics

To-mera – Parfum Lyrics