Every time you come around,
You always put me down,
You're always on my case.
That's why I act this way,
'Cause living day 2 day,
Is hard enough. to face.

No need to ask me why I feel so down,
When the life it stops, nobody comes around,
And that's why I say.

Don't try so hard,
You're doing fine,
Don't go too far,
Don't cross the line.
Don't push so hard.
'Cause I might break,
Just need a chance to get away.

Everything in life we know,
We gotta learn by the chances we take.
If we don't give a damn about it we would never try to make away

Just be true about the way you feel,
'cause when its right you gotta keep it real.
And that's why I say.


Nobody can, nobody knows,
But when you don't, it shows,
The way that you live defies the truth,
But the way that you feel about your life reflects on you.
And that's why I say.

[Chorus: x2]

Don't try so hard (don't try so hard)
Don't go too far (don't go too far)

That's why I say
Chorus to fade.
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Get Away Lyrics

TLC – Get Away Lyrics

Songwriters: Watkins, Tionne Tenese / Etheridge, Marqueze / Wade, Rico Renard / Murray, Raymon Ameer / Brown, Patrick L / Horton, Mckinley / Crump, Preston / Parkman, Marvin
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