I'm not waiting on you to call me back anymore because I don't need it..
I won't waste my days thinking of you because you're just bad news..
You gave up too early, you let me down before I was off the ground..
Hey, really you disappoint me..
Yeah, you've got cute, now I wish you'd get sane..

It was my nerve to think that I was better than this - really I was just part of the plan..
It's so easy to lose yourself in what you want it to be - really I just kept hoping you'd get lost in me..

so don't look down until your feet hit solid ground..
Aren't you getting sick & tired of your whole world spinning around?
There's so much you've been missing..
If you take the time to listen, I swear that you could make it out alive..
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Lost In Me Lyrics

Time And Distance – Lost In Me Lyrics