I should've known, you could've shown that you weren't into me
Instead of leading me to think that I was in a dream
And waking up and finding out that I was asleep
'Cause I thought this was love; no, no, no
A misinterpretation misdirected false elation
I was wrong

'Cause every day's just another way that I'm trying I'm crying to get over you
'Cause every night I'm prayin' to my God in heaven askin' if He's strong Enough to make me take you out of my head
I'm sick and tired of this ungrantable wish
For just a taste of your invisible kiss
But it's the last night
Gonna be the last fight
Gonna be the uh oh, yeah

I'm moving on

You left me in the dark you said you'd never leave me behind
'Cause now I'm standing on my own and walking through the nights alone
But I just wanna let you go and stop before I lose control
I thought this was love
A cheesy imitation, just a stupid speculation
I was wrong

I'm giving up, I'm giving in
No time no energy for this
You're taking up all of my time
I need some help from up above
I need some help from You, Lord
Get me out of this thing called love
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Moving On Lyrics

Tim Be Told – Moving On Lyrics