Push your heart back under your sleeve
Don't know what you want me to believe
You give me pink prayers but black and white words
Is it love or pain you want me to learn?
Hold your hand after the dark
Kiss the luck well omaha's so drunk
It's my terabithia
So pull over
Let's watch the mountains burn
This is where i want be
And let that sad sad song that always plays in your head finally sleep

Let's just sit and think of you
Seems like that's what i always do
You're cloaked in red i'm drenched in blue
Tired of guessing what you feel
What is true and what is real
Your eyes so wide yet they can't see
Quit hiding
Your words so full of courage
Your actions still louder than them
So turn your back, mirror's cracked, now so black
Next time, borrow please don't steal
The california cars pass and sparkle in your eye
So who's the next one to break, next to fake, next to hide

Don't walk over to me
Don't talk, i'm not listening
Spent long blackening the space
I've forgotten the shape now of your pretty face

Hold on to me right here
Hold my hand
We're almost to our castle now
Don't let the tumbleweeds arrest
Just feel the beating of our hearts inside our chests

I have set a new timeline for my life
But now we sleep in our dreams where our castle lies
Let's watch the mountains burn this is where i want to lie
And let that sad sad song that always plays in your head finally die
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Sad Sad Song Lyrics

Tilly And The Wall – Sad Sad Song Lyrics