And so another journey has come to an end
Another moment passed that will not, will not come again
Resting in the shade of oak, so it has always been
And it's true that I'll miss you, but I'll see, I'll see you again
I'll see you again

Embrace this joy, this pain
Don't miss this chance: it will not come again
You mean more than you may ever know
Don't linger where the moss slowly grows

There are so many things I wish I could've said
They might not have changed your mind but sometimes we just need hope alleged
Above the mountain shadow, the sunset dimly glows
The oaks will look down on our heads forever, and our dreams will be no more
We should not ever let them go


I remember those summers that stretched on without end
The future called so loudly, and the oaks... the oaks were silent then
Silence forever, conversations in my head
Might not have changed your mind, but if we'd spoken
Here's what I'd have said
Here's what I would've said:

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Where The Moss Slowly Grows Lyrics

Tiger Army – Where The Moss Slowly Grows Lyrics