I'm a real nigga homie tote six figures only
Gotta pistol you don't want it boy you know what it is
I'm way flyer my pays way higher
If they ever mention sire boy you know what it is
Ain't about drama you don't want no problems
I'll up that Llama boy you know what it is
I get money all I count is big money
Dick is all she get from me boy you know what it is
Ay ay ay ay ay, boy you know what it is

The wait is over here we go again I'm back in the play
I sell another couple mill and take it back to the A
I take another couple mill and put it back in the safe
Five cash for the crib on the back of the lake
I'm up in Crucial 2 stepping with the gat in the waist
T.I. ain't in the street no more fuck ho' dat what they say?
The men trying when you see 'em boy you have to be great
The pistol hit you in the face your teeth they have to replace
That's if you lucky nigga trust me it don't hurt me to take
A 100 thousands to them Haitians you'll be murdered today


Women sweating when they see me I'm apparently hot
Had the album of the year nigga Grammy or not
Remember all day I used to stand in the spot
With two revolvers in my pocket pitchin' handling rocks
But now chart topping in a car I ain't got
I am the number one customer at my own car lot
You want to know how much money I'm makin' just imagine a lot (10-20)
I'm probably making more than you'd imagine I got (30-40)
Listen closer I need to know if you understand me or not
Because you disrespecting me you and your man will be shot


Went from the king of the south to the king of the states
Riding in a car you probably never seen in the states
No idea how much yay' I can bring in the states
You can get a hundred on 'em four million a day
Frank Lucas ain't the only one who made a million in a day
But it's an American gangsta right here in your face
And you don't want to see PSC in the scene with AK
You think you runnin' up and robbin' that ain't even the case
Just 'cause you get away that don't mean its OK
You a dead man walkin' and I mean it OK?

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You Know What It Is Lyrics

T.I. – You Know What It Is Lyrics

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