Im carrie from 1976 ill slit your wrists
Ill burn down your school with these risks
Of getting caught in the mix
But I don't care I did it for grits
I borrowed a gun from eric harris
We took down the school for internships
With the devil so we could take down battleships
Dismiss the crucifix im crazy ill leave my fingerprints
On the scene where I killed lives and took pills
Broke ribs and limbs cause I don't give a shit
Get ready for the apocalypse and the championships
Of me killin your favorites you'll see a glimps
Of your mother hiss before I piss on her lips

So say your goodbye's
Now say your goodbye's

Im thunderbird so dessert your turd
Kick him to the curb im better he's hurt
But I was once burned so revert my curse
And submerge my dick, when I insert you'll chirp
I guess youre overworked but you jerked my thirst
And the worst part about it, you didn't rehearse
Im trill ima thrill you're a shrill on my grill
Fil my freewill, overkill and distil you pigswill
Dear stop feeding of off my fear persevere'
I tried that shit but ended up with a spear
Near my heart you queer, I kill downhill
Like roadkill you will fill the watermill of shit

So you better say goodbye
Bitch ill sit here say it
Say goodbye

The police will come at 11:22 am
Ill be ready for them
Jam my hand in my gram
And sniff' wham! That was damn
Good, it aint no sham its better than the lamb
I killed and slammed on the principles doorjamb
Goodbye mark taylor brace yourself for my blazer to go off in your chest
You shouldn't of been a wailer on me and a hater
So say your goodbyes cause you'll die!

So say goodbye
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Goodbye Lyrics

Thunderbird – Goodbye Lyrics

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