Misguided satellite i circle by habit
Cant find my orbit to SAVE MY LIFE
I want to fall, i want to burn
Like an ignorant caterless meteorite
Long ago i was derailed,
Long ago the mission failed
But in the distance there appears a light

Disgruntled archeitect building a palace
Cant make it perfect to SAVE MY LIFE
Victimless crime ride the wrecking ball in
Evacuate now while i breathe dynamite
Efforts all to no avail
Im perfections contervail
Torn in pieces, i am made in contrite

And in my darkest hour
The brightest light draws near to me
A torch to end all torches,
This is the light that sets me free
All shadows burn away now
But by his grace i am sustained
Though all was lost,
Now all is found and more is gained

Lift me up and make me whole
Instill in me a new hope
Breathe new life into my soul
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A Torch To End All Torches Lyrics

Thrice – A Torch To End All Torches Lyrics