I woke up monday morning not A thought left in my head
The weekend had stumbled by and left me in my bed,
Then I got the call that dropped me to my knees
For A moment I had held my breath, and thoughts of disbelief when he said

Please, believe, we did everything we could, please, believe

Tuesday morning came and it wasn't quite over yet
I had to see you today in A way you would regret

And my feelings overwhelmed me A I looked down on you
I never got to say goodbye and you wouldn't let me if I tried

Please, believe I did everything I could to say it, please believe

Please, believe, we did everything we could, please believe

It was tuesday morning, it was tuesday morning and
You gave up gave out your body had to give up fighting
It was another tuesday morning, another tuesday morning
And I cried out cried out are you watching me through heavens floor
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Tuesday Morning Lyrics

Three Miles Out – Tuesday Morning Lyrics