Find my way back home
I don't know if I want to go
All I want to know, can I keep doing all these shows? Yeah
Haven't got the time to worry over little things
Fighting for some time to be alone, all alone
Take you for a ride. I'll take you where you want to go
Are you ready for a ride? Make me feel that you want to go
Can't they understand I'm tired of this business scene?
I gotta get away make me feel that I'm in a dream.

Won't you be my midnight runaway?
Won't cha take the time to runaway with me?
Feeling fine tonight, we'll runaway
Should we head for the hills or to the sea?

They're messing with my head
I need a little time to think
Worryin' every night, can I float, will I sink?
Can't they understand? I'm tired of their ruthless game
I gotta get away, or you know I'll go insane.

[Chorus x 2]

Can't they understand,
Haven't got much time,
Ready for a ride?
Haven't got much time, can't they see?
Do, do they understand?
I need a helping hand,
I gotta get away, get away, yeah.
Got to get to me.

Can't, can't they understand why?
Don't they understand,
Can't, can't they understand why?
Oh, got to get away
Can't, can't they understand why?
Don't they understand...
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Midnight Runaway Lyrics

Three Dog Night – Midnight Runaway Lyrics