Power of spirit and strength of arms,
Unblemished Honour and Aryan pride,
Unshaken faith in forefathers Gods
Make us the strongest among the men

We keep the ancient flame still burning,
The pagan past is our fame...
Soon we will crush the strange belief
And then fidelity shall triumph!

We have to recreate this world
Destroy each worthless form of life...
We have to purify the ground,
And then fidelity shall triumph!

No man shall stop the march we started.
Nothing can stand on our way...
Faith and fidelity always lead us
To the rebirth of lost values...

New generation of our race
Must take this world in it's own hands...
We can't be anymore the slaves
Of foreign culture and their faiths!
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Fidelity Shall Triumph Lyrics

Thor's Hammer – Fidelity Shall Triumph Lyrics