Well I was born ten years after the atom bomb
Yeah things were getting strange way before I came along
So I became a master of high technology
And then you came along and did what you ya did to me
Heavens above-Could this be love
We're livin' in the 20th Century
I pit my wits against those silicon chips
But I still got the animal inside O me
I get a strange sensation that's out of control
Close to the bone and playin' havoc with my soul
All the red lights are flashing and I can smell fire
With a flick of the switch you know we can go
Even higher and higher and higher
Well I had cool calculators, regulators and
Digital machines
Yeah they took me to places I'd never been
Oh but nothing's as good as the feeling I get with you
When ya do, what ya do, what ya do, what ya do do do
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
The 20th Century
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
High tacknology
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Twentieth Century Lyrics

Thompson Twins – Twentieth Century Lyrics

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