Inamoena tempora!
( Unhappy times! )
Bella ecce barbara!
( Lo! Horrid wars )
Deuruntur oppida
( Cities are burnt )


Tument nubes hodie
( The clouds today )

Atrae atro sanguine
( are heavy with black blood )

Perditos O homines!
( O lost mankind! )


Dies irae iruit
( The day of anger )

Nostrum nunc in mundum,et
( has rushed now upon our world, and )

vitam totam destruit.
( destroyed all life )


Child of the revolution
Victim of thought pollution
showtime for good and evil
No time for restitution

showdown for good and evil.
No time for absolution


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Armageddon Lyrics

Thomas Dolby – Armageddon Lyrics