Take me past the color of your eyes
Take me from the past of all my mistakes to where the future lies
I know that my moods were changing like the weather
Do you ever dream of us together?

Now I just want to show you who I am
Holding on to dreams we collide
We had our futures
Our reasons

Our fingers on the trigger
When we base our joy on the things that we see
We lose the trust in it all and the faith we believe
If you'd just trust in me

You know I trust you
Do all the things that you've dreamed to do
If you'd just let go

Let your heart go
Remember when I used to be your everything?
Now I'm nothing at all
Trust me, I've tried to let you go

But I can't move on
What I do now will affect what comes then
And this life that I lead will be everything you need
I pray to be all that you dream and I'll die trying to be
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Truth And Reconciliation Lyrics

This Providence – Truth And Reconciliation Lyrics