You rwords hit harder than expected
I couldn't sleep because my dreams were interrupted
By the bittersweet fragrance of our childhood dreams
Filling my heart but it's a world torn apart

We thought we had what no one could ever have
But a distnace between you and I (me) killed us

A spooful of your sarcasm helps the pain go down
But if you want to mend my heart for awhile it'll take a phone call from your side of town
Now we're left with broken hearts and a handful of memories
And who I am now reflects you somehow

'Cause you're so apart of me
It's not like we're over is it?
It's not like we'll never be together
I hate it, the way that you say 'never'

The snow falls here
You can see the stars where you are searching for the inspiration
That we once found in every moment
We shared all our deepest dreams

On a train of thought that took us to the place of common ground
But the stage was only set for disappointment
And now we're left here
Two separate paths

You'll take yours and I'll take mine
We're left with broken hearts growing older growing apart
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Best Wishes Lyrics

This Providence – Best Wishes Lyrics