Its a sinking ship/ this thing that we call life
The rotting core of time/ goes in a blink of an eye
Its the broken dreams/depressing what youve become
Its the little things/ youre gonna miss when youre gone

So long goodbyex4

So long goodbye, Im saying adios
The clock is ticking and the curtains falling
Blacken the sky, Im feeling comatose
So long goodbye.

The plans that you make/ just never seemed to go through
The waiting lines will take/ what little patience you have left to lose
All the things you say/last words straight out the window
Sealing your troubled fate/ the hanging tag on your toe
Its all right cause I know what youre thinking
Too late to refill, for what youre drinking

So long goodbye, a one-way ticket
So long goodbye, you cant escape it
So long goodbye, your thoughts are flying on by
So long goodbye

So long goodbye, Im saying adios
The clock is zero and your game is over
Reset denied, youre password is no good
So long goodbye(scream)

The thoughts are running straight on through your head
Flying by like all the people said
Its not things youve done its who you met
And when its time nothing will be said
The partys over, clean up the mess again
Garbage to the curb, its the final rest
So happy Im so gone that I love it
Its the end in a just little bit
In the minds of those who know the legends
So happy Im so gone

So long goodbye, Im saying adios
The credits rolling and your name is not there
So long goodbye, youre signing off for good
So long goodbye
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Adios Lyrics

Thirty Ought Six – Adios Lyrics

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