The boom time it is over
A ghost town is all that's left here
The gold rush it is over
And depression days draw near

Tonight after sundown
I'm going to pack my case
I leave without a sound
Disappear without a trace

I'm going southbound

Drifting like a drover
Chasing my career
From the ships docked in the harbour
New horizons will appear

Tumbling with the tumbleweed.
Down the open road.
Taking only what I need.
Before my head explodes.

I'm going southbound

Hey, you're not getting any younger.
The wild west has already been won.
Northern lights are growing colder.
And the old eastern ways are gone.

So tonight after sundown.
You must go from this place.
Without a tear, without a frown.
Disappear without a trace.
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Southbound Lyrics

Thin Lizzy – Southbound Lyrics

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