My heart is so heavy, I used to be confident.
Just lay here, and say that you meant it.

Just tell me it's alright just to call me yours for one more night
Can't you give me another minute? Just a moment to remember all I've lived (Call me a crazy, but don't say it, call me a liar, but don't say it.)

To think you had me fooled,
Just swear to me, just promise me anything
This isn't happening.

My heart is so heavy
I used to be confidnet
I've never been clever with words and I'll never own up to this.

Call me crazy but don't say
Call me a liar but don't say it.
Convince me again, why should I be doing this
Other than the obvious,
Don't be so forward with me,
It's not like this meant anything.

I just find this so hard to believe
Say something, anything.

"you say these words, to no one but yourself"x2

Just drop it, we'll never touch this subject
I did expect this
Forget it I'll just let it go.
But you look beautiful tonight
Bring your face out into the light
Everyone is watching us tongiht.

So please stop your crying, your makeup is running
And it even hurts for me to watch
(can't you give me just another minute, just a moment to remember all I've lived) (I'm shaking so nervous)
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London Bridges Lyrics

These Silhouettes – London Bridges Lyrics