Joe Tennis chased the one good idea
He'd had his whole life.
And when he finally caught up with it
He did what he thought was right.
So he watched the idea's tail-lights
Fade down the highway,
And with them the hope that
His life could be any other

Way than how he found it
How he found it
How he found it

What was Joe Tennis thinking at the time?
'i'll let my idea
Go, if it comes back to me it's mine. '
But the idea hung a left
And become a faint spark on distant horizon.

The Idea knew things that Joe never did
And It smiled to itself
Behind the wheel and lit a ciagrette,
When a frown of a thought
Crossed The Idea's mind,
Because if it, and you and I, think
We know Joe's kind,
Then how had Mr. Tennis ever found it?
And he found it, twice.
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Joe Tennis Redeemed Lyrics

The World / Inferno Friendship Society – Joe Tennis Redeemed Lyrics