What can i compare you to, a favorite pair of shoes? Maybe my bright red boots, if they had wings. Funny how we animate colorful objects saved. Funny how it's hard to take a love with no sting. But come on take it, take it from me (we've got a good life). What can I compare you to, a window the sun shines through? Maybe the silver moon, a smile rising. THe magic of the fading day, satellites on parade. A toast to the planes we've made to live like kings. I lose my breath despite the air. When the rain falls down, I give in to despair. Pink magnolia in winter, she doesn't care if you don't show up to have another cup. What can i compare you t, when everything looks like you? I get a bit confused with every Spring; flowers tha bloom your eyes, hummingbirds side by side. My heart won't stay entirely in this rib caging
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Take It From Me Lyrics

The Weepies – Take It From Me Lyrics