See them fly in the midnight sky and tear it inside out
Hear them crash with a burning flash and rip your soul right out
Then I run for the rising sun, Mother Earth please let me live
I was taught to walk tall and never crawl but why die it's not my sin

I can make you go down
(I don't think so)

Hear me cry to the burning sky, oh Lord what have I done
No more running, no more time, my body has gone numb
I see her face in a safer place and sweet smells fill the air
All I ask is one more touch, dear God is that not fair

I can make you go down
(I don't think so)

Make you go down for the love of God and all the land that he walks on
Don't you see by his hand you will fall
Keep on counting, keep the score, don't want to be hanging around here no more
Oh no, said to you I don't think so

Now I rise up through the skies and my body's still down there
Too many things that were left undone, silent screaming in despair
If I had one last minute upon this world gone mad
I'd shout out brothers and sisters please join hands and walk across this land

I can make you go down
(I don't think so)
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Make You Go Down Lyrics

The Watchmen – Make You Go Down Lyrics