Goodness! Goodness!
Awww shucks
The catwalk, y'all

Once I was all alone
Didn't have nobody to call my own
Then one day in walked you
Said gently, how do you do

And kicked one ball
Doin' it baby, called the catwalk
But I said, ohhhh, hmmm
Ohhhh yeah, hmmmm
Ooohh hohhh, oooohay
Ooohhhh, ooohay

Huh, shucks
Hoooyey, come on y'all
Look'it here
They're doin' it
Heaven lord
They're doin' it
Well underneath the ball
They're doin' it
Up in New York City y'all, look'it here
There even doin' their thang down in Jackson Mississippi

Early in the mornin'
I've got to work
Late in the evenin'
I've got to work
In the midnight hour, y'all
I've got to work
I've gotta move my
I've got to work
I've gotta move
I've got to work
I said ohhhhh, dooo it
Oooh yeah
Doooo it
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The Cat Walk Lyrics

The Village Soul Choir – The Cat Walk Lyrics

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