Work my bollocks off to earn my pay
Your greedy hands wanna take it away
Tax on your wages and the clothes you wear
On the food you eat, it just ain't fair
Piss off I've paid
Let's see how much we get
Let's wring the fuckers by the neck
We'll hang them up bleed them dry
There'll be another next in line
Piss off I've paid
Squeeze my veins can't give no more
They ain't sorry they made you so poor
Pile on the interest when you're in debt
Impossible targets can't be met
Piss off I've paid
You rip me off you treat me like a fucking cunt
You bunch of fucking arseholes
Do I look fucking loaded
You're having a fucking laugh

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Piss Off (I've Paid) Lyrics

The Varukers – Piss Off (I've Paid) Lyrics