Careful when you look into my eyes-
You'll turn to stone
And I am not that strong to let you go
And tell me, does it scare you
When I look the other way
And through the walls into your very soul?

I get lucky sometimes
I get lucky sometimes

Shakes me down for secrets
In the light of day, does she?
But I am not so dumb to let you know
Whispers and deceivers
Come divide the harmony
But I still have one card I've yet to show

I get lucky sometimes
I get lucky sometimes

Once you know the way down
The path belongs to you

Tell me, tell me
Why don't you tell me 'bout
The reasons why you're lying in
The dark when there's a
Monster in your head
And tell me, tell me
Don't run away to buy more
Complication, find the time of day
And the sun will shine again

I get lucky sometimes
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Get Lucky Lyrics

The Twilight Singers – Get Lucky Lyrics

Songwriters: GREGORY E DULLI

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