From what I gather she can move the Earth that I walk.
In that sense of the word, and I bring it up for every sake of my own.
Mother told me "always speak"
She knew me better than to ever hold my peace
Not even for a moment. What's this?

So we walk along the trees and into the middle of the Universe
It seems as though we're lighter than air.
Winds have picked up over time, and so pretending we were fine
We failed to hold on to anything. What for?

(Like) Dark-White & Moon-shade
We are the opposite of one's, (that) we were once the only,
This thing of ours goes forever it seem's,
Like the red wood see's for miles, it's only (a matter of) time.
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Tangerine Dream Lyrics

The Thing About Rivals – Tangerine Dream Lyrics

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