A mother went up to the mountain
She said it was for gold
But all these drums and indians, oh no.
Said buddy was a good boy, but just not for me
Come on now pack your bags, time to leave
But Mom, are you dead?
Are you free from this life you've left for such red faced man
Oh ma, oh please don't leave.
Back to the city with high heels, gold rings upon her hands
Get up son it's time to run, jump and land.

In a wagon with no wheels and no place to go
She just smiles and nods her head 'oh welcome home' but oh those mines
Can't you see, we're just much too deep for your sins
Though you buried them beneath the mountaintops where are you going with the cold skin blues

Well I just want to be with you
I know you never said that you would stay forever and it's getting late
Well I don't want to be a broken boy, so sad alone, and oh so coy
Why do you got to be so god damn cruel
Well I just want to be with you. But do you

A mother went back to a mountain
She said it was for love
Well all those mountains and
They're buried with their lust and her gold rings
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A Brief Intermission Lyrics

The Snake The Cross The Crown – A Brief Intermission Lyrics