Northeast Calgary, N.E.C.,
Pretty mean when it wants to be,
Black leather knee-hole pants,
Can't play no high school dance,
Fuzz tone, hear 'em go, hear 'em on the radio

Misfits, Twilight zone
S-K-I-T-Z-O-S, S-K-I-T-Z-O-S

Bad boy rock, bad boy roll, gabba gabba, see them go,
Ryder now hit the gas, Marky kick some ass,
Go Joshy go,go,go, Aaron O-Way-O

Bad boys then, bad boys now, good buddies, Mau, Mau, Mau
Keep it up, Rock N Roll, good music save your soul,
Geoffrey, he left home, Tyler call me on the phone.
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S.K.I.T.Z.O.S.! Lyrics

The Skitzos! – S.K.I.T.Z.O.S.! Lyrics

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