Tell me all the sights you've seen
And all the places that have kept you away from me
Under the same stars
Could never shine so bright inside
Make up for all the pain she hides
But we all do it sometimes
Sometimes you have to show

All I needed was something to hold on to
In love with a different point of view
And all alone when the lights start to flicker
Will you be there?
And I can feel you moving through the airwaves
Then seeping back into my head
Sleeping alone, never felt the same

Cause I know you'll let me down
Make it a promise to be distant
And fail to let me know when you're in town
So I don't get angry at nothing
You know I've heard it all before and
We try so hard
But fail with open arms

Outside, she's wasting away as seasons change
When a smiles the only bait you ever needed
You catch me everytime
She is used to fighting off the silhouettes
And burnt out cigarettes
If it'll catch you a piece of heaven
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Fail With Open Arms Lyrics

The Sequence – Fail With Open Arms Lyrics