It starts with you because you say you're so easy to talk to
And if you want me then i'll run with every word,
And i'll race anything for you.
One plus one equals two buckets of rain pouring through the holes,
And draining me again.
Still waiting to hear from you.
Still wanting to be with you.
Speak, the rhythm flows, breathe to keep me warm.
Kissing me, with intentions for kissing you.
As I close my eyes and swim,
I can feel the sun burning through crystal clear.
It's almost been one year.
Elementary steps can lead us to peace within the core of our hearts.
We met on a poor night,
You entangled me into your soft-spoken lines, responding with a stare.
I found no reason, tell me the reason for pushing you away.
Three hours far behind.
Champion summer.
See you again, when fire lights the charcoal sky
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Elementary Lyrics

The Rocking Horse Winner – Elementary Lyrics