Alongside all hearts as they finish with backdrop cities
Like jagged teeth digging deeper
Ripping new wounds for former scars
Stricken with insomnia
Sickened lungs insist on heavy breathing

And the conductor is conducting electrical time signatures
And I fall into rhythm.
My life is a rhythm
And my feet will improvise;
(My feet off beat.)
As I sputter at the knee like a leaking faucet

You'll be undercover, under covers,
Sleeping with the enemy
This is what we like to call internal espionage
Concrete coated gazes in hot pursuit of self-made mazes
Talking circles around each other,
Deserting halos to be
Handcuffed and hogtied with your words

On the search for girls
(Stricken with insomnia)
With milk-carton father figures
My veins are pulsing
(Free-form jazz)
To peninsula extremities
My fingertips tap
Polyrhythms like nervous fragments from a nervous mouth
And these words set the cadence
To the crude interpretation of scripts and codes
Breeding pixels without homes
Reside in my mind; Resonate in my eyes

So affect this love affliction.
Leave the injured overturned;
Fight for breath with flailing arms,
In vain, to float the bane.

Tentative tastes for those less interesting
Leave the injured overturned.
Fight for breath with flailing arms,
In vain, to float the bane.
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The Rival Cycle Lyrics

The Receiving End Of Sirens – The Rival Cycle Lyrics