Time for another video game analogy
She wins, flawless victory, fatality
Eyes locked on the pretty girl of the party
Insert my coins
Let's get this party started right
Slide up to the girl with perfect timing
She smiles at somebody just behind me
Mind locks when I go to say the perfect line
She passes me by
You've gotta be
An enemy
Like Wario or Dr. Wiley
I'm learning from mistakes I've made each time I die
I'm fine
I'll retry
You're the princess and last boss at the same time
I got shot down but I'll try it again
I've entered my code and now I've got 99 lives.

I need a strategy guide to get me
To the other side of this draw bridge
And pull it out from your feet
And make you fall in love with me
Timing is key
I'll make you fall in love with me.

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select, start
Now I'll play you all night
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99 Lives Lyrics

The Pettit Project – 99 Lives Lyrics