Smile no more in your tower block flat
Soon you'll be far away
Sing your song to the Vietcong
And just see what they say
Don't ignore the fact that someday
They will catch you unaware
Only time will tell, you'll see
Friends just die but thousands cry
And that's all it means to me
Your smiles just don't wanna know
As the knifes edge can be seen
As reward for all your effort
All you want is company
So what about you all
You know its not so hard to find
Desertion with your head held high
That's all it means
That's all it means to me
But as your fears begin to run dry
You'll take the memories home
They won't fade as time goes by
When the gunships roar, from the sky they'll fall
And the heat begins to burn
From this hell you'll realize
There's just one thing to learn
Your wound will always bleed
And your secrets never heal
With guns and bombs you'll start again
And that's all it means to me
That's all it means to me
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Anger And Fear Lyrics

The Partisans – Anger And Fear Lyrics