Made Out Of Bodyparts From The Graveyard
Some Had Turned Green, Some Are Black, Some Are White
She Has The Face Of A Nobel-price Girl
She Has The Brain Of A Miss World
Stiched Up With Love By Her Husband To Be
Reanimated For All Men To See
It Seems She's A Monster Amidst Human-kind
I Think She's A Beauty Just For My Eyes
She's My Monster-bride
And She's Quite A Sight
She's My Bride Of Fright
She's My Monster-bride
Her Legs Are Too Long And Her Breast Are Too Full
One Eye Is Missing, Her Nose Is A Hole
No Hair On Her Scalp And Too Much On Her Chest
My Bride Is Perfect, So Good, So Undead
She Feels Like An Alien In Our World
Afraid To Be Seen With Her Scars And Her Burns
Once Hunted By Humans With Torches And Stones
She Died Again, Scared To The Bone Yeah

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Monster Bride Lyrics

The Other – Monster Bride Lyrics