Behind the Skin, what lies? True face of one's self-worth.
Hellbent for our Decline, no choice but stay in line.
It's all we have, Use that to justify.
-We live for. Something More.

Now, this time it's bringing me round (And it's changing me) Found, This time I'm facing the truth.

"Shame on the man, without plans, who declined the idea to look in this motherfucking mind for it"
(You never question why.....)

It's coming back, and it's taking over
It's lost it's track and it's taking me,
It lies so deep, behind your mind it sits

Designed what's in our mind, Pre-programmed from ones birth Lost ambitions heard over cries, we're lost but still in line.
It's all we've known, Use that to Pacify.
-We live for. Something.
-Yet we know. Nothing.

Now, This time it's tearing me down. (And it's chasing me) Down, This time I'm staring the truth.

(You never question why.....)
You never question why - You always just comply.
Accept the compromise - Like sheep you all will die.

It's coming back, It's coming back, coming back again, It's right on track it's off it's track, it's back on track again, It lies so deep, this shield of sleep, behind your mind that's it.

This is not the way, We are supposed to live, Can you hear it's voice, The forgotten.
-Behind the Skin..........
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Behind The Skin Lyrics

The Orchid's Curse – Behind The Skin Lyrics