Verse 1:

What am I to do now
And what have you shown
I'll never make it
On my own

I look up and I see blue sky
And a shining sun
I'm simply reminded
How you love

Chorus 1:

I'll remember your faithfulness
Through all my days
Your light, love, and hope always

Verse 2:

You're the great maker
Of Heaven and Earth
The souls of men
Are your greatest work

When I see your image
In every face
I'm called to remember
Your good, good grace

[Chorus 1]

Chorus 2:

I'll remember you're patient
I'll remember you're true
I'll remember all the times that you came through


You made this blind man see
Thank you for saving me
Jesus, you made me new
I live my life you

[Chorus 1] x2
Your light, love, and hope always
Your light, love, and hope always
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Remember Lyrics

The O.C. Supertones – Remember Lyrics