They whispered his name again and again
Listen to the tone like a hollwood persona
An image so big don't you know...
The legend of H. Gane Ciro
Feared by all... feared by all
Stories of violence those images burned my mind
A psychotic peer so close, but unapproachable
This was the godfather in my world
The legend of...
H. Gane Ciro
It was a different place, a different state
Of mind, I had now climbed into an acquaintance role,
I was a different side
A family side, a humor side, his struggles of life realities
Knife cutting through the human being of...
H. Gane Ciro
I will remember you

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The Legend Of H. Gane Ciro Lyrics

The Nerve Agents – The Legend Of H. Gane Ciro Lyrics