Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep
But itґs not so bad (ernie I'm trying to sleep)
I donґt worry and I donґt weep (uhh)
In fact I'm glad

Beacuse I get up of my pillow and I flip on the light (ernie)
I get down and get hip in the still of the night (turn the light of ernie)
I stretch and yawn and then I breathe real deep (uhhh)
And dance myself to sleep (donґt dance please donґt dance)

I hoof around my beddy just tapping my toes (your dancing)
Before I know what's happen I'm already to dose (uh)
Got some partners I can count on called the boggie woggie sheep (what?)
I dance myself to sleep

I gently rock-a-bye myself across the floor (what's the sheep doing?)
I turn then I toss then I start to snore (ernie)
My trusty little bugle helps me spread the news (ohh not the puiple)
That I'm tapping to taps and then I'm rearing to snooze

(Uhhh your playing the bugle)
(What are the sheep doing? Ernie the sheep?)
(Itґs tap dancing)
(Ernie pleas take the sheep out and let me sleep!)
(When did the sheep get captured?)
(Get away, get away, get away, get away, get away)
(Ernie will you please tell the sheep to put my bed down?)
(Stop get away get away get away get away)
(Ok, thank you)
(Wait a minute wait wait donґt take me out)

Well I'm getting kind of drowsy so the moment has come (turn around me)
To grab my rubber ducky wihle the sheep take my chum (take your chum?)
Turn to shuffle of the dreamland got a daye to keep (where you taking me?)

Where dance ourselves to sleep, ohh yeah (wait what's going on?)
Where dance ourselves to sleep, where in our jamis (what are thay doing)
Where dance ourselves to sleep (get away) and thank you ami

(There taking me outside!)

Where dance our selfs to sleep...

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Dance Myself To Sleep Lyrics

The Muppets – Dance Myself To Sleep Lyrics