I came back on the trail of a man
Things are the same as when I left
Well I so wanted to say hey
But I know you think my sentence was too light
Now time should have put this behind us
Some things I won't soon forget
Bride and bridle are too close in a man's mind
And I know you think my sentence was too light

You, you weren't true
But I can't blame a woman who changes
Three thousand, six hundred and fifty-odd days I waited
Time, I did my time

Now I long since quit feeling my hands
Still, three men have a date with me
I could have found them all before now
And I know they think my sentence was too light
Your father bet ten years against this day
He wed his girl to a better man
But he stands here now with his hat in his hands
And I know he thinks my sentence was too light
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Bride And Bridle Lyrics

The Long Winters – Bride And Bridle Lyrics

Songwriters: John Roderick
Bride And Bridle lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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